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New here :)

Hi all :)

Just found this community and i had to post, cause BobbyD has been and always will be my favorite actor of all time :)
I first saw both Al and DeNiro in Heat, and the whole way through i couldnt work out why on earth i liked the 'bad guy' more than the good guy :) (I love Al too, almost as much as DeNiro, but DeNiro will always be my very fav)

My favorite DeNiro movies are generally all the ones he did with Marty Scorsese. But i love A Bronx Tale and i even thought Analyze This (NOT Analyze That) was really great.

Anyone know what he's doing at the moment? Last i heard i think he might have been starting production on A Good Shepard. :)
Also... does anyone know whether he and Marty are still writing that book they were gonna collaborate on? I have been waiting for that for aaaages, and i cant wait till it comes out!
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