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1.)True fan? Well I know what the critics say... but the thing is I like acting. The roles they give me are great roles or else I wouldn't take them but in the end they don't seem to work out. Hide and Seek, analyze This, rocky and Bullwinkle, the list goes on and on. Yes I know what you mean about being a mobster... it felt good; Well I would like to get to know more of you... Which is your favorite movie? Mine is The Godfather Pt. II because in it was the role of a lifetime; being the younger version of Marlon Brandon's character. Well much love to you, dear.
Bobby D

2.) RE: RE: RE: Hey
Body: I dont know if you already knew this, but I am what they call a method actor. In Raging Bull I took boxing lessons from the real Jake LaMotta. For The Deer Hunter I went hunting and hung around local bars with real mine workers... they didn't recognize me at first because I introduced myself as only Bob!! For The Untouchables I wore the real Al Capone's clothes, down to his silk boxers. For Taxi Driver I got a taxi driver's license and got a job doing it, as well as reading every book I could on post-traumatic stress. For the movie New York New York, I learned to play the sax even though it was dubbed over by a professional. For Raging Bull I gained over 60 pounds just to look like LaMotta. Also I am the only person to do this kind of acting for a cartoon character. Well I hope that you do well in your writting career. You are young and you have your whole life to live for. I hope that you enjoyed these facts and that you stay a true movie fan.
A movie I recommend for you is the movie On The Water Front with Marlon Brando. After you watch thea movie watch Raging Bull
Bobby D

I almost died.
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